PDL Screenshots

3D Graphics Examples

Here are some pretty pictures generated using the PDL::Graphics::TriD module, follow the links to get full-size pictures and the PDL code which produced them.

Example 1 Example 2 Example 3

Note when displayed with PDL viewing from different angles is as simple as rotating the figure with the mouse!

2D Graphics Examples

For some screenshots of PGPLOT in action check the PGPLOT demo.

2D & 3D Graphics Examples

PLplot is a scientific plotting library for 2D and 3D graphics. PLplot has a rich API allowing fine control of every aspects of the plots. The PDL binding for PLplot (in PDL::Graphics::PLplot) comes in two flavors: a high-level, object-oriented interface and a low-level interface which is very close to the C API of the library. The demos distributed with PLplot have been ported to the low-level interface and are available at the PLplot examples area (two examples are shown below).

2D PLplot Example 3D PLplot Example

Image Distortion Example

Image resampling and co-alignment is handled by the PDL::Transform package. Here is an example of a nonlinear coordinate transformation applied to an image of the space shuttle. The image is being rotated in logarithmic azimuthal space. The transformation is continuous everywhere except on a singular ray extending upward from the origin. The PDL::Transform code includes optimized resampling to prevent introducing artifacts into your data. You can tell that it's at work by comparing the sampled and anti-aliased movies. Here is the brief script that generated the frames.