Read Me for SciPDL

Matthew Kenworthy, Leiden, The Netherlands, 2012 Feb 07

This is a binary PDL install for Mac OS X, targeted at Intel Macs with Snow Leopard and built on 10.7.3. The installs go in to the Mac OS X system standard places /usr/local/... and/Libary/Perl... for locally installed software and modules. Installed files are listed in:


Overall Notes and Philosophy

This is intended to be a pre-compiled binary installation which installs just about everything needed to get a typical astronomer user of PDL off and running. The principle components are PDL and PGPLOT (a graphics library for scientific 2D plots) and a 3D graphics library.

You can learn about PDL at the web site PDL - The Perl Data Language -

Everything is as "statically linked" as possible in order to minimise dependencies and collisions. For example although parts of this are compiled using Fortran so you don't need a compiler installed - not even a C compiler for that matter.

The only prerequisite is to have X11 installed which comes on the OS X install disk with your computer.

Note a clean OS X installation leaves these locations empty so it is fair to assume everything here is safe from OS X upgrades.

The C compiler is gcc and the Fortran compiler is gfortran

PDL v2.4.10

"The Perl Data Language" - This is the latest release at the time of writing.

This version is built with PGPLOT, TriD, BadVal, FFTW, GSL support.

Currently does not have Karma, PLPLOT support.

Type perldl to launch the interactive shell or use PDL; in a perl script.

perl-PGPLOT v2.21

Perl module which links perl with pgplot. This version is an unreleased testbed I have with experimental gfortran support.

pgplot v5.3.1

These are the C and Fortran libraries for the scientific graphics library. This is installed in /usr/local/pgplot with links in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib

I compiled it with the X11, Postscript, and PNG drivers.

ExtUtils::F77 v1.17

This is required for compiling perl modules which call Fortran and is included for completeness. This is an experimental unreleased new version with gfortran support.


Miscellaneous Perl Modules

    Inline                          v0.46

    Parse::RecDescent               v1.965

These are required to build PDL and are included for completeness.

Extra Perl modules

    Astro::FITS::Header             v3.03

    Astro::FITS::CFITSIO            v1.07

These are convenient to have.

Non-Perl Stuff

    CFITSIO                         v3.28